About Us

About Us




The Dogue De Bordeaux Club of America is dedicated to providing a national outlet for all fanciers of the Dogue de Bordeaux.  Its emphasis is on the promotion of healthy Dogues of fine type and temperament.  It encourages the ethical conduct of its members in all aspects of the sport of dogs and promotes responsible dog ownership.  It works toward the education of owners, judges, and breeders for the betterment of the breed in specific and purebred dogs as a whole.


The name “Dogue de Bordeaux Club of America” and the associated seal and logo are the sole property of this club, and may not be used for any purpose outside of this club for any reason without the written consent/approval from the Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of any posted materials from individuals to members. The DDBCA will provide you with the logo and said logo must be used in the same format, size and colors as provided.

The logo may not be used with any third person’s article or column over which the DDBCA has no editorial control. The logo may not appear in any advertising or in any type of visual presentation without specific DDBCA approval. Request for approval may be directed to the Corresponding Secretary.

Use of the club logo on member website is open to all DDBCA members in good standing with AKC and DDBCA. Use of the club logo is subject to approval by DDBCA Board of Directors; all websites utilizing the club logo are expected to contain true statements without false claims or information.